(EN) Meshes


We produce reinforcing fabrics (meshes) pressure welded from cold-rolled ribbed bars and wires. The ST500B wire and reinforcing fabrics made from it by pressure welding are designed for the strengthening of reinforced concrete constructions in accordance with the standards described in PN-84/B-03263 for class A-III N steel. We offer smooth and ribbed wire, bars and steel fabrics (meshes) for concrete reinforcement complying with the DIN 488 standard and certified by the Construction Technology Institute (Instytut Techniki Budowlanej) for use in Poland as a substitute for BST500-type reinforcing steel. We can supply reinforcing fabrics at short notice with any required mesh size and spacing, providing this is technically feasible.

Reinforcing fabrics (meshes) are produced in standard sheets (see table) and by special order as regards external dimensions (diameters and spacing of rods) in sheets with a maximum width of 3000 mm (+/- 2mm) made from smooth or ribbed bars with dimensions from ø 3 to ø 10 mm and mesh size from 100 to 400 mm. These meshes are used for anti-contraction reinforcement of concrete in industrial and residential floors, in garages, beneath floor heating systems etc. They are bound in packs of maximum weight 3 tonnes and marked with a label indicating the type of mesh, quantity and weight. Rib shape and permitted variation in the dimensions of the rods and meshes are in accordance with the DIN 488 standard.

a=100÷400 mm
b=100÷400 mm
Spacing of continuously regulable transverse rods
Spacing of continuously regulable lengthwise rods

Średnica drutu
Wymiar siatki
Rozmiar kratki
Waga siatki
3,0/3,0 mm 1000x2000 100x100 2,05
3,0/3,0 mm 1000x2000 150x150 1,39
3,0/3,0 mm 1200x2400 150x150 2,21
3,4/3,4 mm 1000x2000 150x150 1,80
3,4/3,4 mm 1200x2400 150x150 2,82
4,0/4,0 mm 1000x2000 150x150 2,50
4,0/4,0 mm 1200x2400 150x150 3,83
5,0/5,0 mm 2150x5000 150x150 22,50
5,0/5,0 mm 2150x6000 150x150 26,45
5,0/5,0 mm 2400x6000 150x150 29,56
6,0/6,0 mm 2150x5000 150x150 32,40
6,0/6,0 mm 2400x6000 150x150 38,77
6,0/6,0 mm 2400x6000 150x150 42,62
8,0/8,0 mm 2150x5000 150x150 56,55
8,0/8,0 mm 2150x6000 150x150 67,85
8,0/8,0 mm 2400x6000 150x150 88,36
10,0/10,0 mm 2150x5000 150x150 88,37
10,0/10,0 mm 2150x6000 150x150 106,04
10,0/10,0 mm 2400x6000 150x150 118,46